I hold a Ph.D  from the Department of Linguistics at McGillwhere I graduated under the supervision of Lydia White and Lisa Travis (my thesis can be found here). My research focuses on Language Acquisition, the syntax-semantics interface and the syntax-discourse interface. Most of my projects study the conditions for language transfer on interface phenomena in bilingual populations  (read more). With Michael Wagner I also worked on the syntax of Only in Dutch/German and with Luisa Meroni on topics relating to first language acquisition.

Since January 2020 I  work as a cross-languages and second language acquisition specialist at the School of Language and Literature of the University of Guelph (Canada), where I collaborate with Applied Linguists and Language Instructors on the development of an online textbook that aims to improve student’s understanding of how languages are structured, how they function and how they are learned.

At McGill I also was a member of the Centre for Research on Brain, Language and Music (CRBLM) and of the Interdisciplinary Program in Language Acquisition (LAP), which brings together the study of language acquisition from different perspectives (Communication Sciences and Disorders, Education, Linguistics, and Psychology).

I am a mother to Otis, I love practicing yoga and enjoy being busy with food and nature.